Retain your patients

Marketing campaigns

Acquiring new patients can be five times costlier than retaining existing patients.* That’s why it’s important to keep your existing patients engaged and booking future appointments with marketing campaigns, which can be created, sent, and monitored directly from the Practice Portal.

*"Rethinking Customer Loyalty", Emily Collins & Rick Parrish, Forrester

Engage your patients with ongoing contact

Retain your patients for life with targeted email marketing campaigns. PatientPop marketing campaigns enables you to easily create beautiful emails to announce your practice’s events, promotions, seasonal messages, and more.

marketing campaigns
Easy to use

Create engaging, well-designed emails with the flexible editor.


Send campaigns whenever you want to the patients you need.

Call to action

Bold CTA buttons so patients can easily request an appointment.

Campaign dashboard

Track opens and clicks to measure email performance.

Get online scheduling for your patients.