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Modernize the experience

Give patients a modern experience that exceeds expectations

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We make it easy for patients to connect with and love your practice

Kyle Matthews
CEO, Phoenix Heart
“I can communicate with my patients, better inform my patients, and get feedback to better enhance our practice.”
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Every patient interaction with your practice becomes easier

Today’s patients want easier access — to book visits, ask questions, pay bills — and 72% tell us they’d switch providers for a better experience. Our all-in-one platform simplifies it all, for happier patients and less work for staff.

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Give patients a quick path to your door

We expand and enhance your web presence, so patients discover and learn about your practice first.

  • Top search result rankings, informative website focused on your services
  • Easy connections to you (phone + text), convenient online booking
  • Wide online reach including social media, blogging, paid ads

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Simplify appointment scheduling

Booking a visit with your practice shouldn’t be a chore. Online scheduling and text messaging options make it convenient, 24/7.

  • Easy scheduling right from your website
  • Integrated directly with your EHR (type of integration can vary based on EHR)
  • Online scheduling on Google, Yelp, and dozens of other websites

The top 3 Google search results get 75.1% of all clicks


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Maximize the power of text messaging

Take advantage of today’s most dominant communication method. Offer patients multiple access points to text your practice.

  • From mobile phone: Two-way text messaging
  • From your website: Text messaging window
  • From any phone call: Automated option to send a text

63% of people would switch to a company offering text messaging as a communication option


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Reduce patient frustration

Long waits. A pile of paper forms. Payment by check. Ditch the old, slow ways and give patients a better experience with every interaction.

  • Digital registration and forms, available in advance of visits
  • Automated patient surveys for instant feedback and questions

Learn how PatientPop can modernize your patient experience

Talk to an expert and get actionable and personalized recommendations on how you can modernize the patient experience in your practice.