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Everything your practice needs to grow

The all-in-one healthcare marketing and medical practice management solution that enhances every patient touchpoint.

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Leading practices rely on Afia Fix

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It has driven new patient growth and we are able to connect with patients in a timely fashion.

Our overall rating has almost doubled with Afia Fix. Utilization of the website has helped our office staff tremendously.

Afia Fix is as essential as my stethoscope. Afia Fix offers a service that's a critical part of my medical practice. They offer a technology that creates a professional environment that allows my medical practice to flourish.

Afia Fix is like an extra office assistant. It frees up my time, meaning I can get a lot more work done. Afia Fix gets me the lead information, handles new patient appointments, and best of all keeps track of it all.

A single healthcare platform to achieve more with less work

Afia Fix offers the most complete medical practice management and healthcare marketing platform. We deliver measurable improvements to enhance patient engagement, streamline your front office, and grow your practice.

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Grow your practice with healthcare marketing

Bring more new patients in the door each month. Then, stay connected in ways that keep them engaged for years to come.

Grow your practice
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Modernize patient engagement

Enhance every patient touchpoint with your practice by applying technology and convenience to the patient journey.

Modernize patient experience
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Streamline medical practice management

Get more done with less work. Free up staff to take on higher-value practice work and better focus on patients walking in the door.

Streamline practice management

It's like having extra staff without the extra costs

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